Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Flash

I'll begin this blog by first telling you of all the reasons why the flash is amazing. First off I need to tell you that I have no idea why some of these things are possible so don't ask. Number 1-All incarnations of the Flash can move, think, and react at superhuman speeds. Number 2- they can vibrate so fast that they can walk through walls. Number 3- All members have an invisible aura around their bodies that prevents themselves and their clothes from being affected by air friction as they move at high speed. Number 4- Speedsters may at times use the ability to speed-read at incredible rates and in doing so, process vast amounts of information.
Number 5- Flashes and other super-speedsters also have the ability to speak to one another at a highly accelerated rate. Number 6- They can manipulate time. Number 7- I don't know how but they make their clothes out of their speed. Number 8- With his ability to phase through walls, he can move each individual particle in his body and phase through people and manipulate their dna. After reading powers number 6 and 8 you must think about the Flash the same way I do meaning that you're thinking, "how do you take such a stupid power and give it all of those aspects making it amazing?"